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news & events
Freshmen Night 2015!
06/09/2015 | Tuesday
To serve as a welcoming party for the freshmen students, the Central Student Council conducted a Freshmen Night last June 9 at PUPT Gymnasium. More than 500 students attended the said event. Games were played and the students were very participative in each game. Mr. And Ms. Freshmen Night were a...(see more)
Freshmen Orientation
06/08/2015 | Monday
PUP Taguig conducted an orientation for freshmen students last June 8 at PUPT Multimedia Room. This orientation enabled the students to be aware with the rules and regulations of the school. Asst. Prof. Sharon Joy Pelayo, the branch director, discussed the basic rules and regulations of the unive...(see more)
IT SPADE Conference
02/14/2015 | Saturday
One of the main highlights of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology is the IT Spade Conference, attended by young IT students composed of different sections.The Conference is all about the different systems that will implement to the University. Different researches that underwent to di...(see more)
Goods.ph to Launch Literacy Drive at PUP Taguig
02/15/2015 | Sunday
There is no better way to launch Goods.ph’s campaign for a literate Philippines other than starting the drive on one of the most dignified and an educational and leadership-building institution whose students and directors recognize the importance of books.    PUP has been...(see more)
Central Student Council Election for S.Y 2015-2016
02/13/2015 | Friday
Central Student Council Election for S.Y 2015-2016   PUP-Taguig students voted for the new set of candidates of Central Student Council last February 11-12 2015. The election and vote counting was held at the university grounds under the supervision of the COMELEC Officials of the un...(see more)